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Street repairs top city council agenda

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Bids for Hillsboro street construction projects were awarded based on information provided by engineer Darin Neufeld on Tuesday at the Hillsboro City Council meeting.

After discussion concerning facts, figures, and alternative options, the council voted to accept a bid of $788,053 from Vogts-Parga for construction on the Adams Street project. They also approved a bid of $392,788 to LaFarge for street construction on First Street from Main to Ash.

The prices include construction, inspection, and engineering costs. The streets to be repaired will be worked in concrete and not asphalt for a longer life span.

City Administrator Larry Paine asked for options that would allow city employees to do some of the work, lowering final costs of the project. These options were part of the approved bids, but the city has 90 days to insert those work options back in to the awarded contractors.

In other street repair discussion, council member Shelby Dirks asked about pothole repairs at Grand and Floral streets.

“It’s my understanding that Dale (Dalke, street supervisor) likes to let those settle a bit because if we get too aggressive in repairing them, a sink hole develops,” Paine said.

Dirks said he was also concerned about joint cracking and splits on Grand and Orchard Drive. He wondered what steps would be taken to prevent deterioration of those areas.

Council member Bob Watson raised constituent concerns about curbing on West B and Floral.

“People have to drive over the curb on that turn,” he said.

Paine replied that many street problems were the result of poor planning years ago and there was only so much money to spend on continual upgrades, but he hoped that someday they would all get fixed.

City compost problems

Paine reported that problems at the city compost site were at an all-time high, with people dumping trash instead of compostable litter.

“Something has to be done about this,” he said. “We’ve had wood, concrete, action toy figures, slushy cups, trash bags — it’s just unbelievable what people are dumping out there and this is not a dump!”

There are signs at the compost pile site stating what items are acceptable, but this has not stopped offenders.

“People will keep on doing this until they get caught,” Mayor Delores Dalke said. “If the KDHE comes out to inspect and finds this, they will close it up. That would be a real loss to the community.”

In other business:

  • Oil and gas leasing agent Chaz Doffing told council members that pooling restrictions added to the prior contract were unacceptable. He said he would return in two weeks with contract revisions that might be agreeable to both parties.
  • Council members approved a resolution recommended by city attorney Dan Baldwin to initiate bond financing for the Adams and First Street construction projects.
  • Council members voted to increase recycling fees passed on from McPherson Area Solid Waste. The recycling fee will increase from $1.95 to $1.98 per month, effective on January 2012 billings.
  • Dalke shared her appointment recommendation for the Hillsboro Housing Authority of Jim Winslow, who was unanimously approved by the council.

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