Students compete at regional music festival

Several Hillsboro High School vocal music and band students competed at the regional music festival Saturday at Tabor College.

Band members who received a “I” rating will compete in the state music festival April 26 at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina.


“I” ratings

Vocal music: Spirit-N-Celebration, men’s and women’s ensembles, mixed ensemble, Claire Heyen, Anna Clanzer, Daniele Melton, Vance Klassen, Molly Wiebe, and Madi Sheppard.

Band: Mixed winds trio, Marah Franz, Allison Gray, and Kennedy Klein; Allison Gray, Kennedy Klein.

“II” ratings

Vocal music: Abigail Kliewer, Callie Linnens, Jazmene May, and Hannah Bostic.

Band: Clarinet Trio, Erika Bichet, Marah Franz, and Hannah Funk.

Last modified April 3, 2014