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Students sing their hearts out

Staff writer

Love was in the air Tuesday; it was St. Valentine’s Day.

Also in the air was the sound of music, provided by Hillsboro’s Spirit-n-Celebration choir as they went around the community delivering singing valentines.

For their second year of doing singing valentines, choir director Lynn Just grabbed song ideas from other fellow choir directors.

“There are several of us who trade songs around, because they do them, too,” she said.

Songs the group performed included “Happy Together” by The Turtles, “My Girl/My Guy” by The Temptations, “Love Me Tender” by Elvis, and “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” by One Direction.

The group began practicing the numbers after their Christmas program in December, while Brittany Schale, a student in an entrepreneurship class, prepared everything else.

“She does an awesome job,” Just said. “She takes care of ordering the flowers, everything.”

Sometimes the group got to sing for a larger audience than just the recipient.

“Last year we sang to Brodie Rathbone’s mom in the middle of her class,” senior Madi Sheppard said. “Everyone was looking at us and some were filming us. It was in the Tabor science building, so it was really echo-y in there and it was cool.”

While recipients of singing valentines may enjoy them, members of S-n-C also enjoy performing them.

“I like it because, first of all, we get to miss a day of school,” Sheppard said, “and second of all, we get to go out into the community. I like to see their faces when they get one. It’s really nice.”

Junior Josiah Melton likes catching people off guard.

“The people are kind of awkward about it, because they’re getting sung to,” Melton said. “It’s just a different way to help people celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Last modified Feb. 15, 2017