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Suspect bill turns out to be genuine

Staff writer

A $10 bill originally suspected to be a counterfeit by ALCO employees on Sept. 29 turned out to be a bona fide denomination of U.S. currency.

Store manager Robert Berens said one of his cashiers alerted him that a pen used to detect counterfeit bills had indicated the bill was a fake.

“Our cashiers were on high-alert for counterfeits because there had been some counterfeit bills used at our stores in Saline County, as close as Abilene,” Berens said. “But it turned out to just be an older bill.”

Berens also sent the bill to a bank for further testing where they confirmed it was a legal note of U.S. tender.

“The gentleman seemed embarrassed,” Berens said of the customer. “It was apparent he was not trying to rip us off. We were just being extra cautious.”

The man paid with other denominations. He left the suspect bill with store employees, exited the store, and has not returned since the incident.

Berens said he would be happy to refund the man’s money if he returns.

“Generally the smallest bill counterfeiters make is a $20 bill because of the expense it takes to make them,” Assistant Chief of Hillsboro Police Jessey Hiebert said. “In my career we have had maybe half a dozen counterfeit cases here.”

Last modified Oct. 9, 2014