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Tabor lists honor roll

Tabor College has announced that these local students qualified for 2011 spring semester honor rolls:

highest honors
(4.00 to 3.85 GPA)

Seniors — DURHAM: Tina Frick. HILLSBORO: Spencer Brown, Ciara Cox, Amanda Faber, Diedre Funk, Elizabeth Harms, Benjamin Heyen, Lauren Just, Jenesa Klose, Jessica Klose, Hannah Lacy, and Justin Moore. PEABODY: Bethany Regier.

Juniors — HILLSBORO: Corissa Bertel, Amanda Brown, Nolan Dirks, and Clayton Shewey.

Sophomores — HILLSBORO: Cassie Kroeker, David Loewen, Nathan Vogel, and Candace Weinbrenner.

high honors (3.849 to 3.70 GPA)

Seniors — HILLSBORO: Adam Dirks, Katie Mount, Elissa Richert, and David Vogel. MARION: Jason Hett.

Juniors — HILLSBORO: Daniel Jost and Audrey Weinbrenner.

Sophomores — HILLSBORO: Michael Klaassen.

Freshmen — HILLSBORO: Daniel Dick.

HONors (3.699 to 3.50 GPA)

Seniors — HILLSBORO: Darren Enns, Tanner Lacy, Megan McCarty, Aaron Phillips, and Jaimie Williams.

Juniors — HILLSBORO: Shelby Koons.

Freshmen — FLORENCE: Kaylyn Spencer.

Last modified June 15, 2011