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Taking meaningful steps toward better health

Staff writer

Lifelong Marion resident Tim Christensen, 64, can be seen power-walking down Main St. five or more times a week.

Christensen started power-walking six years ago. He walks a three-mile route, most days the same course. Once in a while, he varies the course for a change of pace, but he keeps the length the same.

He starts from his home on N. Lincoln St., proceeds south on Elm St. to Main St., then west on Main to 1st St., back east to Eisenhower St., then back home.

His inspiration to begin power-walking came from his physician, who told him it might help reduce his slightly elevated blood pressure.

“They told me if I would lose weight and exercise, I might get off the blood pressure medicine,” Christensen said. “It didn’t work.”

Still needing to take medication for his blood pressure, he continues his near-daily routine because he gets other benefits from it.

“I lost a bunch of weight —about 45 pounds,” he said. “I feel so much better, by far. I’ve been doing it so long, if I don’t go do it, I feel guilty.”

Exercising is a habit people get into, he said.

Being in good shape makes it easier to keep up with his four grandchildren, Liam, 9; Jett, 5; Skylar, 4; and Wyatt, 2.

Not only do the grandchildren keep him busy, he enjoys doing activities with them.

“I’d have to say I recommend a lot more people do it,” he said of his exercise routine. “I know it takes time. You just have to be dedicated to wanting to go do it.”

Christensen has always been athletic and enjoyed activity, but he fell out of the habit of exercising after his children came along. Being a parent took priority over the bicycle racing of his youth.

“There was too much stuff going on,” he said.

Whether he walks five days a week or six depends on what else is going on.

“I always take one day off a week for sure just to take a day off,” Christensen said.

Last modified Oct. 19, 2022