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Tampa road plans narrowed, delayed

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Marion County Commission instructed an engineer Monday to prepare a narrower design for 330th Road between K-15 and Tampa and to delay construction to spring 2012. The road was slated for resurfacing this year.

Jon Halbgewachs of engineering firm Kirkham Michael told the commission that paving the road 24 feet wide with 2-foot gravel shoulders on each side would require a lot of ditch work.

Either narrowing the roadway and shoulders or excavating the existing surface down about six inches would significantly reduce the amount of ditch work required, he said.

Commissioner Dan Holub said he would prefer going with the narrower road. The county invested a lot of time and work to get the existing surface in good shape, and he didn’t want to throw that away.

“That 22 foot (road width) I can live with better than tearing off 6 inches and starting over again,” Holub said.

The road will also have to be closed during construction, Halbgewachs said. That could cause some problems, because 330th Road is used heavily during harvest times by trucks going to and from Agri-Producers. Starting after fall harvests wouldn’t allow enough time to complete construction before winter, Halbgewachs said.

Commission Chairman Roger Fleming asked what would be the earliest construction could start in spring. Halbgewachs said crews could start laying rock in February if the ground isn’t frozen. Mid-March would certainly be possible, he said. That would allow construction to be completed before wheat harvest in mid-June.

The commission instructed him to prepare for bidding in November and construction in spring.

Interim bosses appointed

John Summerville was appointed interim road and bridge superintendent and Bud Druse was appointed as his assistant following a 30 minute closed session to discuss duties and possible replacements for former superintendent Jim Herzet.

The commission set a deadline of July 25 for current county employees to apply for the vacant superintendent position. Commissioners said they wanted county employees to have the first chance to apply.

Pay for Summerville’s and Druse’s interim duties will be determined later.

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