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Tampa Tots thriving at 2 years old

Staff writer

What is the likelihood of seven mothers from the same community having seven sons in a seven-month period?

It happened at Tampa several years ago. In the period from June 2013 to February 2014, six women gave birth to sons, and another woman and her husband adopted a son.

The mothers of Konnor, Benjamin, Canon, Colt, Brennon, Kollin, and Camdyn, all live within five miles of each other and are friends.

“Once we all knew we were pregnant, we started talking about it with each other all the time,” mother Shaina Schafer said.

She organized a get-together in the spring of 2014, shortly after the last boy was born, and took a picture. Schafer dubbed the bunch Tampa Tiny Tots.

The women see each other throughout the year at various social events, but they have a special get-together each March, just the seven of them and their boys, to get an updated picture.

The toddlers now are 2 years old. They aren’t tiny anymore and some of them have siblings by now, so Schafer just calls them Tampa Tots. She likely will have to continue to change the name as the boys get older.

So what happened when they got together?

“It was kind of craziness because they all ran around like little boys do,” mother Jessica Hajek said. “Each one has his own personality. It was fun to sit and watch them.”

She said it was difficult to get them to sit still for a picture.

The women discussed new and upcoming additions to their families. Hajek is expecting her second child in August. Three others had babies earlier this year.

All of the couples have homegrown roots and likely won’t be moving anywhere else soon.

“We definitely won’t be moving away,” Hajek said.

Last modified May 5, 2016