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Teacher surrenders to court

Staff writer

Christopher Young, 45, Peabody-Burns High School social studies teacher charged with eight felony charges alleging sex offenses with two students, surrendered at the courthouse Monday afternoon.

Young was greeted in the hallway by 40 supporters when he arrived for his hearing, scheduled by Wichita defense lawyer John Rapp. His supporters ranged from high school students to retirees. Most walked over to hug him, patted him on the back, and assured him it will get better. Young hugged people and thanked them for being there, and occasionally dabbed his cheek with a tissue.

Jail administrator Jim Philpott stood at the front of District Judge Michael Powers’ courtroom and deputies Derek Fetrow and Bronson Shipman positioned themselves at the rear.

Scanning a court file, Powers told Rapp, “We’ve got a motion to modify bond, but your client is not under arrest.”

Rapp said Young was there to surrender and the motion was to ask that his bond, set at $150,000 when an arrest warrant was issued, be lowered.

Powers motioned toward Philpott and said, “Mr. Young is now in custody.”

Rapp, who said he was retained by Young on Friday, requested Young be released on his own recognizance and said he and Young had no problem with the court setting conditions on his bond.

“I’ve had no problems getting hold of Mr. Young,” Rapp said.

County Attorney Courtney Boehm said her own concern is that Young “disappeared in the middle of the night” and one of the victims has said Young was in contact with her.

Rapp said he’d already explained to Young that he is to have no contact with the alleged victims.

Powers agreed to modify bond to $100,000 recognizance and $50,000 surety. That means that if he fails to show up for court, he’ll lose the surety bond and have to pay $100,000 as well.

Powers also required Young to sign a waiver of extradition in case he flees the state and is captured elsewhere, have no contact with the alleged victims, and have a bond supervision officer.

Preliminary hearing was set for April 16.

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