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Think positive

Whew! We made it! 2008 was a tough year for the business community and it wasn’t much fun for us consumers either.

Here we are — 2009. A clean slate. Fresh start.

So, what are we looking forward to in 2009? Being the eternal optimist, I believe this year will bring a stable economic climate. Gas prices already have declined dramatically from a year ago — if they could stay that way it would be great.

We have a new president who is promising change. As I have previously stated, I am not an Obama backer but I want to give the man a chance. Hopefully, he can surround himself with the right people to make informed decisions.

And what about our state government? How are we going to cover this tremendous shortfall of billions of dollars? What have our legislators been doing all these years to find ourselves in this mess? We’re not as bad off as California who claim they’ll be out of money in February.

Our communities cannot afford to lose any more retailers or businesses that provide employment to our residents.

Good news is around us here in the Marion community.

A drive by the business park indicates there is optimism. Seacat Do-it-Best is working on a building for its lumber business. Dirt work has begun for Auto House. A deal has been done for the former Golden Living Center property with Marion County Special Education Cooperative remodeling and moving in this summer. Spur Ridge Veterinary Clinic is locating to the industrial park, beefing up an already-strong retail presence.

Yes, it could be better, and yes, I think it’s going to get better.

What do you say we try a little bit of optimism and positive thinking. It could go a long way to getting us out of this economic slump.

— susan berg

Last modified Jan. 7, 2009