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Too much secrecy -- again

Marion Mayor Mary Olson unknowingly let it slip Monday that county commissioners had illegally met with mayors from nine cities in the county last week to discuss the county’s economic development council and its director.

Government entities can have work sessions but such sessions are bound by the same law that requires them to convene in public and notify the press of those meetings.

All three commissioners attended the meeting at the invitation of Mayor Olson.

We’ve heard it before.

“We can’t get anything done with the public or the press there.”

It probably is true that words are chosen more carefully when said in front of an audience, so as to avoid criticism at coffee shops and in newspapers. Candor and frank discussions are limited with unbiased listeners.

But once again, well-intentioned people, probably with no ulterior motives, are spoon-feeding the public.

When elected officials serve in official capacity at meetings or work sessions, don’t we have a right to know how they’re representing us?

Whether they do or don’t have anything to hide, it sure looks as if they do.

— susan berg

Last modified June 4, 2009