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division cases

The following information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Alton C. Adams, two violations of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $425.

Lamar J. Brandenburg, speed; $116.

Jill R. Brunner, failure to yield at stop or yield sign; $135.

Daniel G. Burris, speed; $105.

Brian J. Chamberlain, speed; $105.

Jackie W. Cowden, speed; $132.

Joshua D. Free, speed; $159.

Colby D. J. Helget, speed; $105.

Leslie R. Hughes, speed; $117.

Susan M. Jones, speed; $135.

Jeffrey C. Kent, speed; $135.

Benjamin R. Kimball, speed; $147.

Douglas E. Oliver, speed; $159.

Candy J. Shriver, speed; $243.

Rebecca M. Smith, speed; $165.

Brandon A. Souders, speed; $165.

Shane D. Thornton, speed; $135.

David L. Vanlew, speed; $105.

W. Herman Wilson, speed; $117.

Elizabeth Wray, speed; $345.

Last modified July 16, 2009