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Traffic cases

This information was filed in the traffic division of Marion County District Court. All fines include court costs.

Jeffrey D. Ansel, Burrton, Sept. 18, over weight limits on wheels and axles, $348.

Johanna Beras, Doral, Fla., June 8, speeding, deferred adjudication, $185.

Alexa K. Boyd, Marion, Sept. 20, failure to wear seatbelt, $108.

Shawn Curtis Britton, Marion, Sept. 2, failure to dim headlights, $173.

Jennifer L. Cox, Overland Park, Oct. 2, speeding, $173.

Benjamin Dale Dick, McPherson, Aug. 4, speeding and failure to wear seatbelt, $159.

Toni K. Downs, Augusta, Aug. 30, speeding, deferred adjudication, $197.

Adam M. Earnest, Claremore, Okla., Sept. 14, speeding, $191.

Alicia D. Edem, McConnell Air Force Base, Aug. 4, speeding, $248.

Christopher E. Freitag, Ottawa, June 26, speeding, $254.

Daryl D. Gray, Killeen, Texas, Aug. 9, speeding and failure to yield to emergency vehicle, $386.

Jordan Darlene Hansel, Mulvane, Sept. 3, speeding, deferred adjudication, $173.

Earl S. Hill, Oklahoma, Sept. 18, over weight limits on wheels and axles, $268.

Gerardo Mireles-Camacho, Junction City, Aug. 10, speeding and child passenger safety; restraining systems and seat belts, $272.

Catheryn C. Rossberg, Lockhart, Texas, Aug. 20, speeding, $185.

Joseph F. Scasselati, Liberty, Mo., Aug. 8, speeding, $167.

Douglas E. Schmidt, Holcomb, Aug. 17, transporting alcohol in an open container, deferred adjudication, $248.

Scott E. Smyth, Enterprise, Ala., Aug. 17, speeding, deferred adjudication, $143.

Joy R. Waldbauer, Durham, Aug. 26, failure to yield at stop or yield sign, $173.

Tenise R.N. Wedel, Newton, Aug. 26, speeding, deferred adjudication, $248.

Megan Elizabeth Whiley, Manhattan, Sept. 22, speeding, $284.

David Lee White, Manhattan, July 19, speeding, $266.

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