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Traffic cases

This information was filed in the traffic division of Marion County District Court. All fines include court costs.

Heron A. Adames, Fort Riley, June 29, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (first offense), deferred adjudication, $1,073.

Mohammad Aa Aleidan, Jan. 26, speeding, $248.

April Buhrle, Utica, Dec. 23, improper parking, $143.

Tony Daniel Carman, Oklahoma City, Nov. 17, speeding, $203.

Molly S. Clark, Fort Collins, Colo., Nov. 16, speeding, deferred adjudication, $212.

Bronta C. Costello, Wichita, Oct. 6, speeding, disposed due to failure to appear, $356.

Michael P. Goldman, China Spring, Texas, Nov. 30, speeding, $185.

Dylin M. Liles, Blue Springs, Md., Dec .28, speeding, deferred adjudication, $203.

Darin P. McCollins, Hillsboro, Nov. 29, disposed due to failure to appear, $212.

Pahfait A. Migisha, Wichita, Oct. 14, speeding, deferred adjudication, $197.

Sheldon M. Neumyer-Shive, New Cumberland, Pa., Nov. 6, speeding, $191.

Tamara L. Newby, Fort Riley, Nov. 10, speeding, $275.

Casey Taylor, Canton, March 26, notice of change of address or name, disposed due to failure to appear, $0.

Johnny R. Taylor, Denver, April 2, speeding, $143.

Last modified Feb. 9, 2013