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division cases

The following information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Martin V. Arreola, driving while license was canceled, suspended, or revoked; $336.

Jonathan P. Barker, driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked; $336.

John Chopin Basil, speed; $506.

Darryl J. Brewer, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs; $2,731.

Joshua T. Chapman, speed; $341.

Ronald E. Cook, speed; $116.

Thomas Fickenworth, speed; $116.

Chrystal J. Foxworth, speed; $116.

Johnathan J. Frankenfield, speed; $116.

Tiarae M. Gosney, speed; $116.

Kendall D. Hein, violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $186.

Charles J. Hiebert, speed; $116.

Dean E. Hiebert, speed; $158.

Michael Hoffmann, speed; $158.

Aubree K. Kennedy, speed; $116.

Roxanne L. Larson, speed; $116.

Jasmine LaSette McCoy, speed; $146.

Travis L. McLaughlin, speed; $116.

Panya Philavong, speed; $116.

Phillip Wesley Pulliam, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, $2,028.50

Emily M. Reddy, speed; $116.

Jon A. Robey, speed; $128.

Robert D. Sanders, failure to drive on right side of roadway as required; $146.

Hyunil Seo, speed; $170.

Lee E. Stitt, speed; $164.

Jennifer L. Willems, speed; $212.

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