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division cases

The following information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Larry S. Allen, speed; $140.

John F. Ball, speed, two counts of violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $322.

Charles W. Barker, speed; $146.

Valarie A. Beasley, speed; $116.

Bobby J. Branstetter, violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $186.

Toby L. Cargile, speed; $128.

Casey A. Criswell, speed; $185.

Christy M. Daniels, speed; $200.

Danny L. Durkee, speed; $140.

Jimmie D. Elifrits Jr., speed; $116.

Laurie L. Evans, speed; $164.

Jennifer R. Fisher, speed; $122.

Christina S. Goodson, speed; $116.

Kristie A. Graber, violation of child passenger safety; restraining systems and seat belts; $66.

Brian S. Hartry, speed; $116.

Daniel J. Hellman, speed; $116.

Joshua W. Henke, speed; $116.

Mathew S. Hofmann, speed; $146.

Brian D. Huffman, speed; $128.

Jonathan P. Hughes, speed; $212.

Kent E. Jones, speed; $116.

Wendy L. Jost, speed; $140.

Nancy D. Lamkin, speed; $122.

Craig B. Lashley, speed; $158.

Arjonela Lauxman, speed; $134.

Samuel Matalone Jr., speed; $164.

James E. McBride, speed; $146.

Joseph Maxwell McCune, speed; $266.

Joseph G. Miles, speed; $134.

Virginia L. Miller, speed; $185.

Alison J. Moncado, speed, failure to have registration; $138.

Tyler J. Moore, speed; $116.

Bryce G. Morris, failure to yield at stop or yield sign; $147.

Donna M. Myers, speed; $122.

Kevin Nadeau, speed; $116.

David A. Ogan, speed; $128.

Troy J. Pope, speed; $122.

Cherly E. Quested, speed; $116.

Philip L. Rath, speed; $128.

Travis H. Reves, speed; $185.

James C. Saunders, speed; $158.

Daron J. Schulthies, speed; $116.

Courtney R. Shaver, speed; $152.

Cynthia G. Shields, speed; $116.

Jerry M. Smith, speed; $158.

John R. T. Spears, speed; $185.

Jermain T. Stockman, speed, failure to wear seatbelt; $146.

Crystal L. Strawder, speed; $122.

Ian T. Symmonds, speed; $116.

Brian K. Travis, speed; $134.

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