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Trojans defeat Pratt, Kingman Tuesday

Staff writer

The Hillsboro High School volleyball team defeated Pratt and Kingman Tuesday in Hillsboro. The team was able to win by hustling all over the court.

Senior setter Allie Faul and sophomore hitter Tena Loewen inspired the team with hustle plays, even on balls that were destined to be points for their opponents.

In the Trojans first victory, over Pratt, 25-20 and 25-20, Faul ran from the middle of the court past the east out-of-bounds line after a Loewen block.

Faul and Loewen both dived for separate balls delivered by Pratt hitters later in the match. Krista Reimer eventually scored the point to put Hillsboro up 10-6.

On a singular play, Loewen passed a ball out of bounds that Faul then slid on the floor to hit over the net. Pratt eventually hit the ball back into the net to make the score 20-11 in the first game.

In the Trojans 25-22, 23-25, and 25-20 victory over Kingman, Loewen saved a ball one handed and then dived on Kingman’s second attempt knocking the ball over the net in between Kingman defenders.

Later in the match, Faul bumped a ball over her shoulder, while sprinting toward the northern baseline.

The plays were contagious. Danae Bina, Maci Schlehuber, and Krista Reimer also dived for balls that were out of reach.

“It pumps people up; it gets the team going,” Loewen said. “It’s that never give up attitude, thinking that we’re going to win every point.”

Coach Sandy Arnold said defense was a focus in practice after losing to Cheney last Tuesday.

“We spent four days getting on the floor,” Arnold said. “That showed in both games.”

The fast-placed Trojan play also was infused with smiles from every player on the court.

“I think our enthusiasm was up some,” Loewen said. “We’re learning to trust each other on the court. We have to remember that it’s a game and it’s fun.”

Arnold said the team has slowly recognized that each player has a role on the team and that the team needs each player to perform in that role for the team to win.

“They’re starting to accept those roles and starting to shine in those roles,” Arnold said.

She was particularly impressed with the Trojans ability to come back from 11-16 in the first game against Kingman. The Trojans scored five consecutive points and eventually took their first lead of the game at 19-18, before eventually winning 25-22. The Trojans also started a comeback they were unable to finish in the second game, losing 23-25.

“We can play against a team that makes it hard for us and win,” she said.

Last modified Sept. 23, 2010