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Tuesday is election filing deadline

City, school board
positions up for election

Polling places will open April 5 for city and school district elections. The deadline for candidates to file is noon Tuesday. City candidates may file with their city clerk or at the Marion County clerk’s office. Board of education candidates must file with the county clerk.

Primaries, if required, will be March 1. Primaries are required only if there are more than three times as many candidates as seats available. Under no circumstances is a primary required for Cottonwood Drainage District.

Positions up for election

City of Burns

  • Mayor: Incumbent Mark Brunhoeber.
  • City Council (2): Incumbents Roland Boesker and Fritzie Hatfield.

City of Durham

  • Mayor: Incumbent Michael Sorensen
  • City Council (5): Incumbents Tom Harmon, Steven B. Miller, Arnold Sommerfeld, Verlin Sommerfeld, and Gary Unruh.

City of Florence

  • Mayor: Incumbent Mary L. Shipman.
  • City Council Ward 1: Incumbent Daniel D. Ludwig.
  • City Council Ward 2: Incumbent Trayce E. Warner.

City of Goessel

  • City Council (3): Incumbents Dallas Boese, Duane Duerksen, and James Wiens.

City of Hillsboro

  • Mayor: Incumbent Delores Dalke.
  • City Council Ward 1: Incumbent Robert L. Watson.
  • City Council Ward 2: Incumbent Kevin Suderman.

City of Lehigh

  • Mayor: Incumbent Mike Geiman.
  • City Council (5): Incumbents Galen Chizek, Brad Dies, Todd Jost, John Masson, and Fred Sheridan.

City of Lincolnville

  • City Council (3): Incumbents Dawn M. Kaiser, Sherri Pankratz, and Joe Vinduska.

City of Lost Springs

  • Mayor: Incumbent Blaine Gehrke.
  • City Council (5): Incumbents Dottie Gehrke, Connie Jenkins, Tish Keesling, Frank Wirtz, and Joseph A. Zinn.

City of Peabody

  • Mayor: Incumbent Larry K. Larsen.
  • City Council (3): Incumbents Pam Lamborn, Stephen Rose, and David Scott.

City of Ramona

  • Mayor: Incumbent Patricia Wick.
  • City Council (5): Incumbents Bill E. Alcorn, Jeanette (Jeannie) Goza, Kathy Matkins, Byron Noeth, and Arthur E. Stroda.

City of Tampa

  • Mayor: Incumbent Timothy J. Svoboda.
  • City Council (2): Incumbents Russel Kerbs and Ty Peterson.

Cottonwood Drainage District

  • Directors (3): Incumbents John R. (Rocky) Hett, Willard Hett, and Darvin Markley.

Centre USD 397

  • Position 1: Incumbent Jesse E. Brunner.
  • Position 2: Incumbent Mark A. Heiser.
  • Position 3: Incumbent Terry Deines.
  • At-large: Incumbent Steven G. Jirak.

Peabody-Burns USD 398

  • Position 1: Incumbent Bruce Burke.
  • Position 3: Incumbent Gary Jones.
  • Position 7: Incumbent Anthony Zappone.

Marion/Florence USD 408

  • Position 1: Incumbent Christopher A. Sprowls.
  • Position 2: Incumbent Kathy Meierhoff.
  • Position 3: Incumbent Ronald Duane Kirkpatrick Jr.
  • At-large: Incumbent Sarah Cope.

Hillsboro USD 410

  • Position 1: Incumbent Debra Geis.
  • Position 2: Incumbent Dale W. Klassen.
  • Position 3: Incumbent Mark Rooker.
  • Position 4: Incumbent Joe Sechrist.
  • At-large: Incumbent Roderick W. Koons.

Goessel USD 411

  • Position 1: Incumbent Darla Meysing.
  • Position 2: Incumbent Maynard Knepp.
  • Position 3: Incumbent Dan Miller.
  • At-large: Incumbent Mary L. Rosfeld.

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