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Turbo Kick provides dynamic workout

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Before Tammy Ensey moved to Marion, she made a list of things that she did not want to give up. When she noticed that Marion did not have anyone who taught Turbo Kick exercise classes, becoming a certified instructor was at the top of her list.

“I participated in Turbo Kick classes at the YMCA in Wichita for seven years,” Ensey said. “This is my first attempt at teaching.”

Turbo Kick is a cardiovascular workout program that incorporates kickboxing moves and dance moves choreographed to music.

To become a certified instructor, Ensey had to demonstrate that she could perform all the kicks, punches, and other various moves specific to the Turbo Kick program in front of other certified instructors.

“I love that it is a great workout,” Ensey said. “You can burn 600 to 800 calories in an hour if you do it right.”

Ensey said she pairs Turbo Kick with strength training and some running outside of class, but she really enjoys the Turbo Kick program because of the variety in the workout routine.

“I like that it makes you think,” Ensey said. “I’m not a runner. My mind has to be working to distract me from the pain my body feels.”

She said she has been spending a little time at the beginning of each class previewing different moves that are incorporated into the routine.

Each punch and kick section is developed in layers students learn consecutively as they progress further into the program, she said. However, the moves and choreography change every eight weeks.

“The music is great,” Ensey said. “It’s mostly top 40 songs with nice lyrics and a good beat.”

Marion Elementary School physical education teacher Nicki Case is familiar with the Turbo Kick program from workout videos she has exercised to in the past.

“It’s the same type of moves as the videos,” Case said. “But it is more fun and it motivates me to have other people to do it with.”

Case said for a runner or someone who does martial arts as their normal exercise the Turbo Kick workout is “more dancey.”

Because of the amount of footwork students perform, Ensey said people need good shoes. She also encourages people to bring a yoga mate for the abdominal and cool down sections because the class is taught on a hard wood floor at Skywalkers Gymnastics building.

Ensey said Turbo Kick does not have to be a high impact workout. Moves can be modified to suit any student’s skill level and she encourages people of all ages to try it at least once.

“It’s for anybody that wants a good workout,” Ensey said. “Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it.”

For more information contact Ensey at (316) 253-3922 or go to

Last modified Oct. 3, 2013