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Twins face off at county fair

Staff writer

Emily and Madeline Meier are sisters from Goessel. Both are 13, and each is the other’s mirror image. They are twins.

Both raised livestock for the Marion County Fair this year. Each have steers in different categories. However, both raised charolais heifers that will compete in the same category.

“They have been anticipating the county fair since they bought their cattle in last November,” their mother, Suzanne Meier, said Tuesday. “For them the county fair is the culmination of a lot of hard work.”

Altogether, the girls have three steers and two heifers.

Each sister was responsible for grooming, feeding, and breaking her own heifer.

“They have competed in four shows since November,” Meier said. “They are really competitive. Neither of them wants to lose.”

Meier raised cattle to pay for college when she was their age. She thought it would be an educational way for her daughters to take an active role in providing for their education.

Last modified July 25, 2013