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VALEDICTORIANS: Hillsboro High School

Class Valedictorians and “Highest Honors” students of the high schools in Marion County were asked the questions: 1. What do you plan to be doing this summer and fall after you graduate? If you are planning on attending college, do you have a major picked out? 2. Look 10 years down the road—where would you like to be? What would you like to be doing? 3. What is the best “life lesson” or advice you have gotten in high school that you are going to take with you to use in the future. Here are the responses received.


Allison Weber

1. I plan on attending Emporia State University for elementary education.

2. I would like to be teaching in Hillsboro, or running a day-care here.

3. Once you are given work to complete, do it right away. Work accumulates a lot faster than it seems.

Julie Sinclair

1. I will be attending Oklahoma Baptist University, studying exercise and sports science.

2. I’m not sure yet. Hopefully, I will be working as a physical therapist somewhere.

3. Hard work pays off!

Karyn Leihy

1. I will be working at Dale’s Supermarket and going to Wyoming on a vacation with my family this summer. I will be attending Kansas State University in the fall to double-major in nutrition and kinesiology.

2. Ten years down the road, I have hopes of settling down and starting a family, but I don’t yet know what God’s plans are for me. I would like to be a personal trainer and/or a dietitian and hopefully running marathons more frequently.

3. Don’t tell yourself you’ll “do it later” because, more than not, it won’t get done. The sooner you complete a task, the sooner you can stop worrying about it.

Emily Jost

1. I plan on attending Oklahoma Baptist University to major in exercise and sports science.

2. I would like to be working as a physical therapist at a medical facility.

3. Always give your best at everything you do because you might surprise yourself.

Claire Heyen

1. I plan on attending Taylor University and my major is undecided.

2. Not sure yet, since I do not have a major officially picked out, possibly something international.

3. Hard work pays off, and sometimes procrastination is okay.

Jakob Hanschu

1. I plan to attend Kansas State University and pursue a double major in anthropology and physical science with a minor in political science.

2. I’m not entirely sure. I would like to be doing something in either politics or archaeology. I’ve thought a lot about staying in Kansas, but I would also like to travel while I’m young. I’ll probably go wherever my job takes me.

3. Get things done on time and be genuine. If you do these two things, you’ll succeed in high school and beyond. People respect that and trust you, and these two items are the keys to success.

Philip Ediger

1. This summer I’ll hopefully be working full time to pay for college. In the fall, I will be attending Tabor College to earn my master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting.

2. In ten years, I would like to be the chief financial officer of a nonprofit (hopefully Christian) organization. I don’t know where that will be, but I’m ready for anything and anywhere.

3. All of the teachers in the school have stressed that hard work can get you almost anywhere. I hope to take this lesson with me in my future career.

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