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Video shows search at 98-year-old's home

Staff writer

Video released Monday shows how incensed 98-year-old Marion County Record co-owner Joan Meyer became during a nearly two-hour search of her home Aug. 11 by Marion police and Marion County sheriff’s deputies.

“Don’t you touch any of that stuff! This is my house! You a**hole,” she scolded police. “Get out of my house! I don’t want you in my house! Stand outside that door. I don’t want you in my house!”

At various points in the video, she charges across a den with her walker.

Still reeling from the effects, she died 24 hours later of sudden cardiac arrest. An official coroner’s death report lists the anxiety and anger she experienced as a contributing cause of her death. After the Kansas Bureau of Investigation intervened, the search that so upset her was ruled unjustified.

The video, one of 82 captured on her security cameras, starts 1½ hours into police presence, which she clearly found a violation of her rights, at her home and ends at the point when police pulled the plug on her Internet connection.

At the beginning of the video, she asks her Alexa smart speaker to call her son, Eric Meyer, the paper’s other owner and editor and publisher. He had left to go to the newspaper’s office, where employees had been ejected by police and were forced to stay outside during a heat advisory. In the background, Eric Meyer’s cell phone can be heard ringing. Police already had seized it.

Joan Meyer mistakenly identifies part-time officer Chris Mercer as police chief in the video. Cody did not tell her that he was chief, and Mercer did not tell her he wasn’t.

As she berates Mercer, asking him whether he loves his mother and she loves him, Cody can be seen patting Mercer on the back and retreating into another room.

In the video, Meyer objects to officers photographing papers that included her son’s bank and investment statements.

Last modified Aug. 24, 2023