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VOLLEYBALL: Peabody-Burns welcomes new coach

Staff writer

Rachel Winter is looking forward to stepping into the role of head coach after assisting Peabody-Burns volleyball the past few years.

Winter is looking to coach the team to a winning record this year after finishing 12-18 last season, by relying on players with varsity experience.

“Our numbers are smaller than last year, but the core group of them has played a lot of our minutes from last year,” she said. “We’re looking to keep increasing our winning percentage.”

Winter has had the high school players practice with the middle school team. It has improved the younger students’ games, and helps the varsity players gain a new perspective, she said.

“I think a lot of improving your game is learning how to teach the game,” she said. “If you know the ins and outs,

which helps your thought process in the middle of a game if you have to teach somebody else how to do it in practice.”

On-court communication has improved and it’s making a difference this season, Winter said.

“That’s something we’ve lacked, and we have tried,” she said. “A huge emphasis this year is talking. We’re seeing it get better.”

The team doesn’t do many sprints or running-specific exercises, but Winter recognizes the importance of effective conditioning drills.

“Every drill we do is a high intensity drill,” she said. “They get their conditioning, they get their skills and everything included. We keep it high-pace and high-competition.”

Last modified Sept. 2, 2020