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Water leak causing concerns for Durham City Council

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Durham City Council continues to be concerned about an apparent undiscovered water leak, causing an unacceptable water loss.

At the May 2 meeting, water supervisor and Councilman Verlin Sommerfeld reported 431,500 gallons of water pumped in April with only 268,940 gallons sold, causing nearly a 38 percent loss. Sommerfeld said he looked everywhere he could think of without seeing any evidence of a leak.

Another concern was a known leak at the water tower, which Sommerfeld had temporarily repaired. A more permanent repair may be needed.

“Is your patch still holding?” Councilman Gary Unruh asked Sommerfeld. Sommerfeld assured Unruh that it was.

“I’ve learned that the company I contacted wanted $20,000 to clean the standing water pipe, paint it inside and out, and fix the leak, or $2,500 just to fix the leak,” Sommerfeld said.

Mayor Mike Sorenson obtained an estimate from another company that wanted $2,950 to inspect the tower and $400 per hour for any work completed after the inspection.

Samples had been sent for testing for nitrate. The results indicated the city’s water was within the prescribed limits.

Other business

Unruh reported someone was interested in purchasing the former bank building to be used for storage.

“I think if someone wants to buy it, we should sell it and get it off our hands,” Sommerfeld said, “unless there’s a reason for not selling it to a particular person.

The council approved the sale.

Holes will be filled on the street to the elevator before adding more gravel.

Vince Jantz will inspect a drainage problem behind Hein Repair.

Sorenson said he opened bathrooms in the park and purchased a light sensor and bulbs for the light illuminating the flag.

Bills approved for payment included $326 to Water Products for a pressure control valve and $183 for water testing.

Last modified May 20, 2010