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Water woes continue

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The city’s water system was the dominant topic April 6 at the Durham City Council meeting.

“I’ve been having trouble regulating the water pressure,” Water Supervisor Verlin Sommerfeld said.

“I talked to someone at Water Products who said the trouble is nearly always in this one part.”

He ordered that part for $317. If it is necessary to replace the entire unit, the cost could be approximately $1,300.

The council authorized Sommerfeld to do whatever was necessary to regulate the water pressure.

Sommerfeld reported there was a leak somewhere that he can’t find. He checked disconnected meters and walked along several of the longer lines.

“Are there places we can isolate parts of the town to narrow it down?” Mayor Mike Sorenson asked.

“I don’t think any of the valves work well enough for that,” Sommerfeld said.

Sorenson and Councilman Gary Unruh volunteered to walk around and look for things that might have been missed.

There were 375,800 gallons of water pumped in March with only 238,000 gallons sold, a loss of 37.9 percent. The lift pumps ran 37.9 hours.

The council discussed the possibility of hiring someone to clean the water tower but prices needed to be obtained before making the decision.

In other business, Sorenson said there was a misunderstanding about city cleanup week.

The council had scheduled the event the week of May 10 but Dumpsters would be delivered to Durham early. Sorenson was trying to straighten out the mix-up.

It was decided to open the bathrooms in the park for the summer.

Payments for $2,740 for insurance, $185 for a wastewater permit, and $358 for fittings for a water pressure regulator were approved.

Last modified April 29, 2010