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We'll hang in there!

Before anyone gets his or her feelings hurt, I want to explain this week’s editorial cartoon (located to the right of this column).

Yes, when I first looked at it, I was momentarily offended just as you probably were. But after closer examination, I realized the cartoonist actually was complimenting Marion and other small towns because of our resiliency.

Being in the Midwest, I have heard many people say we do not have the highs and lows as those communities on the coasts. Our real estate does not sell ridiculously high when the economy is fat; nor does it sell ridiculously low when the economy is starving.

Folks in California and New York are quick to call us “hicks,” “backward,” and “behind the times,” but in these times, those “names” are admirable qualities.

It takes about six months for us here in Kansas to feel the impact from economic trends such as hurricanes, layoffs, and the cost of living.

Yes, life is more stable here in the Midwest. We also can bounce back much quicker because most of us do live modest lifestyles. I believe living in a community with older residents also makes a difference. There are many who can recall the depression era and when times were tough — no jobs, no money, no food, and no hope.

These wise people keep our lives in perspective because they are products of tough times and survived. What a great testimony to Marion County strength and determination!

We will survive these crises. We will come out a stronger and better nation because of it.

Yes, we are behind the curve of the coasts when it comes to fashion, styles, and cute comebacks but we are way ahead of the curve when it comes to resiliency. Hang in there, Marion County and Kansas. We will get through this one way or the other.

— susan berg

Last modified Feb. 26, 2009