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Weeds crack through asphalt near Burns

News editor

County Noxious Weed Director Rollin Schmidt told county commissioners that someone had called recently to tell him about dandelions growing through the asphalt on 40th Road near Burns.

When Schmidt went to investigate, he found it wasn’t dandelions, but field bindweed, a noxious weed targeted by the state. What made the discovery unusual is that the road was overlaid with two inches of asphalt in 2012.

“I’ve never seen this,” Schmidt said.

He told the commission he could kill it with a mixture of herbicides. Commission Chairman Randy Dallke said he didn’t even want to know how much it would cost, the work has to be done.

Schmidt said he would spray the area as soon on the first available calm, dry day.

Sales tax revenue dips

For the third month in a row, county sales tax revenue was lower than the same month in 2012.

Sales tax revenue for April was $46,878, down almost 6 percent compared to 2012. However, because of an unusually large payment in January, the sales tax revenues for the year remain up 49 percent at $313,001 through four months.

Jail sales tax was $41,223, bringing the total for the year to $276485.

CDDO resolution approved

The commission approved a resolution requested by Harvey-Marion County Community Developmental Disability Organization urging the state to return control of developmental disability and mental health services to local CDDOs instead of KanCare.

Asphalt availability delays Pilsen project

Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford said cold, wet weather has delayed starting work on Remington Road between Pilsen and 290th Road. Because of the weather, there hasn’t been asphalt available, he said.

The commission had previously requested that stretch of Remington Road be paved before Father Emil Kapaun’s Medal of Honor is brought to Pilsen in early June.

Last modified May 1, 2013