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What high school seniors look forward to

Over pizza Sunday night, seven upcoming high school seniors discussed with reporter Kelsey Unruh what they have liked about high school so far, what they are looking forward to, and what advice they’d give incoming freshman. Interviewed were Tori Boyd from Marion, Raeanne Bryant and Katie Marler from Centre, Brooklyn Wiens from Hillsboro, and Mallory Harris, Austin Purk, and Austin Reynolds from Peabody-Burns. Here is an abridged transcript of their conversation.

  • What are you looking forward to most about being seniors in high school?

Brooklyn: Graduating. Like, seriously. Being top dog.

Austin R.: Yeah, being top dog, that’s what I’d say.

  • Have you had senioritus already?

Everyone: *collective groan* Yeeeeees *laughter*

Mallory: So badly.

  • What activities are you guys involved in at school?

Raeanne: FFA

Mallory: Everything basically. StuCo, all the sports…

Austin P.: Football, basketball, track…

Tori: Theater and band.

  • What are you looking forward to most about graduation?

Austin R.: Being free.

Mallory: Freedom!

Tori: A fresh start, I guess.

Brooklyn: Especially at a place you don’t really know. You get to meet new people.

Austin R.: Yeah, and experience new things.

  • What colleges are you interested in?

Mallory: I wanna go to K-State.

Austin R.: WSU.

Brooklyn: Washburn.

Raeanne: Butler or Emporia State.

Katie: I’m undecided.

  • What are you going to take away from your high school experience?

Austin R.: Everybody knowing everybody.

Brooklyn: That you need to pick and choose your friends and be wise about it.

Mallory: Don’t be afraid to talk to other people even though you know everybody.

Raeanne: Just to jump in feet first and go for it.

  • What are you guys hoping to do in college, extracurricular wise?

Brooklyn: I’m not going to do sports in college.

Mallory: I wanna try rowing, because that’s at K-State.

Austin R.: Yeah, I’m going to try out for something.

Tori: If I went to a small college, I’d try out for cheer.

Mallory: Yeah, same.

  • What have been some fond memories of your high school experience?

Austin P.: Playing basketball in the school until 3 a.m.

Mallory: I would say sports.

Brooklyn: Yeah, two-a-days.

Mallory: Yeah.

Brooklyn: Those are the worst.

Raeanne: The dances and prom.

Tori: Musicals and all the practices for that.

Austin R.: The lock-ins.

Mallory: Yeah, lock-ins for [student council].

Brooklyn: I was junior class president and we were never allowed to do lock-ins — probably because we didn’t have enough money to keep the lights on at night or something.

  • What are lock-ins?

Mallory: You stay in the school.

Austin R.: For Christmas, we decorate with lights. It starts at 9 and goes til 5 a.m. We’ll have a couple hours to decorate and then we’ll just talk and then we’ll play hide and seek in the dark.

Mallory: It’s fun.

Austin R.: Especially when you scare people.

  • Who have been some of the most memorable teachers you’ve had?

Austin R.: [Assistant football and track] Coach Young.

Austin P.: Yeah, Chris Young.

Brooklyn: [Science teacher Ruth] Baldner. Baldner is hilarious.

  • What classes do you enjoy?

Mallory: I love math.

Brooklyn: Oh, ew.

Mallory: Math’s the best.

Wiens: I can’t.

Austin R.: Lunch is pretty good.

Brooklyn: [laughing] Lunch. That’s my favorite class.

Tori: Art is always an interesting class, because it’s such a small group of people and you never are doing homework. You’re just painting or drawing.

  • What do you guys do for fun?

Mallory: Go to Newton.

Tori: Hang with friends.

Austin R.: Go to Drubers.

Brooklyn: Yes! Drubers or Hurtz [Donuts] or Newells.

Mallory: Newells is good.

Austin P.: On Friday nights, we just go over to other people’s houses.

  • How do you make your own fun in a small town?

Brooklyn: Drive around or go to Sonic. Sonic is the go to.

Raeanne: Play basketball.

Austin R.: Oh yeah, we do that a lot.

Katie: Watch Netflix.

  • Did you have a good junior year?

Tori: I’ve been told that the best year of high school is your junior year so don’t waste your time until junior year to enjoy it.

Mallory: I had a really good junior year.

Brooklyn: It was probably my favorite year. It was hard, but I mean, I think I was finally getting into the rhythm of things.

Tori: I think it was nice, cause you’re not really an “underclassman” but you’re not a “senior.”

  • Will you guys be taking college courses your senior year?

Tori: Most of the people in my class will graduate as college sophomores.

Brooklyn: I’m just trying to get in as many gen eds as I can.

Mallory: Speech was my favorite, I loved it.

Raeanne: I liked sociology.

Brooklyn: How are you guys taking this during your junior year? I can’t even take it ‘til my senior year.

Mallory: Really? We could take speech last year. That is the only thing you could take your junior year.

Raeanne: We weren’t even allowed to take speech until this year.

  • Do any of you have jobs?

Mallory: I’m a lifeguard at the pool.

Austin R.: I work at Sonic in Newton.

Brooklyn: I work here [Pizza Hut].

Raeanne: I have three baby-sitting jobs.

Tori: I baby-sit for free.

Mallory: Dang!

Brooklyn: You poor thing!

Tori: She’s my sister, so I can’t be like mom, pay me, but it’s just for the summer. I’ll probably work at Pizza Hut during the school year.

Katie: I’m a librarian [in Marion].

  • What do you want to study in college?

Mallory: I’m hoping typical engineer but I’m too social for that, but I want to go into the science field.

Brooklyn: [to Raeanne] You said psychology right?

Raeanne: Yeah.

Brooklyn: OK, me too.

Raeanne: I don’t know where in psychology, just in the generalization right now. I’m thinking more toward the special ed aspect of it.

Katie: I’m leaning more toward athletic training.

Tori: So, you grow up in school and you see teachers all the time and it’s something you know how to do because you’re there, so naturally I grew up and I was like ‘Oh I’ll just be a teacher,’ but now I’m like, what would I teach? Music. But the music programs are just falling apart.

Brooklyn: Especially in Kansas, we just don’t have the budget.

Tori Boyd: So if I was going to be a teacher, I’d have to probably move around a lot and the pay would be bad.

  • What’s some advice you would give to incoming freshman?

Raeanne: Try everything.

Mallory: You’re probably wrong.

Austin R.: Don’t pass anything up.

Austin P.: Take your opportunities when you have them.

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