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What kids are thankful for

A selection of letters by students from area elementary schools about what they are thankful for this year. Not every school or class submitted letters.

I’m thankful for the police because they help out the town a lot, keeping us safe from things like high water and bad people.

Maddix Wilson

I am thankful for candee.

Deacon Chattam

I am thankful for my mom for cleening.

Xander McPhail

I am thankful for the rof on mi hed.

Dear Dollar General,

Thank you for giving my mom a job. I get to see her more and I get to see her friends.



I am thankful for my family and my house and friends.

Kinley Jost

I am thankful for my family.

Hayden Hennigh

I am thankful for God and family and Jesus and animals and food and house and clothes and water.

Carter Dirks

I’m thankful for God. I’m thankful for my Grandpa and his work at an oil refinery. I’m thankful for my Mom; she works at the post office in Florence. I’m thankful for Dad because he is a farmer and his work’s right down the road. I’m thankful for my little cousins so I can have someone to play with. I am very, very thankful for my Nana and Papa Ray because they let me use their big shop. 

Colton Johnson

I am thankful for houses and animals and friends and God and Faul and clothes and water and food and family.

Annaliese Enns

I am thankful for the rof on mi hed.

Bo Strathman

I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and Kian and Tate and Noah and my cats and my dogs.

Case Huebert

I’m thankful for the cooks at PBES because they always make such good food, especially the day closest to Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much Thanksgiving Day, just at school instead of my Grandma’s.

Gannon Somerhalder

I am thankful for Mrs. Fall, God, Jesus on the cros, water, food, doctors, pepol that don’t have croneu viries.

Asher Lear

I am thankful for Amrku.

Ruger Lies

I am thankful for jackets. Without jackets we’d be real cold.

Dalton Castleberry

I am thankful for food and goeng to mi granmos for Thanksgiven.

Ryker Yoder

Dear Mrs. Preheim,

When you try to keep us safe I think you rock! You are the best. I hope you are here forever.


Guliano Portillo

I’m thankful for life. Everything. I’m glad to be alive and that I can do things.

Alex Tincher

I am thankful for frinds.

Bailey Watts

Dear Peabody-Burns Veterans,

Thank you for your service. It means a lot to me.


Wyatt Decker

Bo Strathman

Dear Mr. Schafer,

You are a big help to our community. You help kid’s learn. If they don’t listen that’s their fault. If they don’t listen they won’t learn.


Kaylin Eichkorn

Dear Community Bank,

Thank you for keeping our community safe by keeping our money safe.


Bo Gaines

Dear Peabody-Burns Veterans,

Thank you for saving our country. I love you. I want to be in the army. I want to fight for our freedom and country. I love you.


Knox Woodruff

I’m thankful for having things to do like art supplies to make arts and crafts. I’m thankful for beds so we don’t have to sleep on the floor. I’m also thankful for books because they get your mind off electronics and they’re very interesting to read.

Izzy Luea

I am thankful for flag.

Zeppy Tibbetts

I am thankful for being fast and strong, and for my friends who play with me. 

Mason Tindall

I am thankful for a few things. I’m thankful for the three people in my family who have fought for our country in the Air Force — Uncle Hank, Aubrey and DJ. I’m thankful for friends and thankful that we get to be at school and not online school at home. 

Winston Bourbon

Dear Mrs. Ann,

Thank you for cleaning the school. I love how you clean the bathroom. You work so hard every day. Thank you so much.


Brooke Gfeller

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