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What kind of store would you like to see in Hillsboro?

Developers have yet to announce the national chain that is planning to locate a store in Hillsboro. When asked the question to what kind of store people would like to see come to Hillsboro, these residents responded.

“I’m happy with the stores we have, and that’s my take on it. Support what’s already here.”

— Lynn Jost

“If somebody put in a strip mall with a restaurant and small stores by the highway it may attract some drive-by customers. But it’s not like our businesses are hurting.”

— Todd Jost

“I wish there was a Sam’s Club, so I can get supplies for my shop.”

— Marisa Javier

“Walmart, because there’s more groceries and more stuff to buy.”

— Sid Barraza

Last modified March 19, 2014