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What makes a good turkey on Thanksgiving?

On our Facebook page, we asked readers what makes a good turkey for Thanksgiving, and here are the answers we got.

A family to share it with.

— Miran Lovelady

Brine, I do a 24 hour brine soak then rinse it off and add stuffing and roast it.

— Jeremiah Lange

Someone else cooking it.

— Linda Wilkoff

Brine, then slow roast with herb butter under the skin and assorted aromatics inside.

— Trayce Warner

Someone else making it besides me.

— Brenda Maddox

Not being traditional and cooking prime rib roast instead of a turkey.

— Josh Tajachman

Deep frying.

— Nicki Newman Case

We spend it at Mom’s. Nothing is better than Mom’s turkey and dressing with old fashioned dressing, not stuffing. It’s beyond amazing.

— Sheila Williams

Try a deep fried turkey. It is out of sight.

— Jerry Meirowsky

Dad deep fat frying it.

— Karly Hess

Somebody else cooking it.

— Glenda Medley

Last modified Nov. 26, 2013