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What's the first positive thing you would like to see happen in Marion County in the new year?


Pave the roads and fix the potholes for easier driving around

-Robin Pritz


More opportunities for housing development, bringing more people to the area

-Morgan Wheeler


I’d love to see something in the old Pizza Hut building.

-Jenny Craft


Better roads. The roads need to be improved. They need to get rid of the fighting.

-Orville Pfeiffer


Bringing in quality jobs which allow families to live comfortably.

-Linda Kroupa


Open gym because it can make us better athletes.

-Jack Lanning


More companies in the industrial park and more land development for existing companies, bringing more job opportunities for people living here. I feel that the land is not used to its full potential.

-Derek Evans


People are wanting more safe, secure places to raise their kids, and that’s something Marion County has. Maybe catering to people who want to work at home and have more online businesses. I also think it would be neat to get an aquaponics operation. Anything that supports the planet and “going green.”

-Brian Frese


A new restaurant. A place that could be open on Mondays, weekends and longer hours, for those of us that work.

-Mark and Denise Evans


I can’t think of anything that needs to change. I enjoy it here.

-Jon Meyer

Last modified Dec. 29, 2017