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What was your favorite vehicle?

“A ‘77 Chevy van. Her name was Jessie. She was missing second gear and reverse. There was a bed in the back and shag carpet on the walls. The speedometer didn’t work.”

Julie McQuery, Marion

“A Chevelle, 70 something, it was brown. I was about 17. My dad actually gave it to me. Me and my dad worked on it. We kept it running.”

Jeromy James, Marion

“My dad had a 1940 Jeep Willie that would go anywhere. No mud would stop us. We would all pile in and have a blast, and giggle. “

Marie Kessler, Durham

“It was a 1962 Rambler, 4-door, mint green, immaculate. I worked hard to earn money for it flipping burgers. Us girls used to pile in and have a lot of fun in it.”

Sheila Albright, Hillsboro

“1961 Pontiac Ventura. It had a four barrel carb, a standard 389 engine. It would get up and go. It was very rare. That’s what we had when we got married.”

Ronald and Ruth Herbel, Marion

Last modified June 21, 2012