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What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Here’s what Marion County fairgoers told us last week:

“I would give to the church, take trips, and give to my kids.”

— Marge Christensen, Marion

“Help a former neighbor who struggles all the time and help my kids.”

— Leonard Brown, Hillsboro

“Donate to children’s hospitals including Shriner’s Children’s Hospital Burn Unit, probably a new car, and help the family.”

— Linda Brown, Hillsboro

“Move to Indiana and build my house and probably build one for my sister.”

— Jolynn Voth, Goessel

“I’d buy a Marion County Record.”

— Seth Jirak, Ramona

“Pay debt for me and my kids, set aside money for my grandkids, and something fun.”

— Tim Gaynor, Hutchinson

“I’d definitely be out of debt. I like where I’m at so I’d redo my house.”

— Jim Horinek, Pilsen

“Pay off debts, give some to my kids, get my daughter through college, and give some to a worthwhile charity.”

— Janice Waner, Peabody

“Pay bills, donate a percentage to charity, and set up college funds for my grandchildren.”

— Jayann Schneider, Herington

“Find a cure for disease that causes heart problems for animals.”

— Michala Cliffton, age 10, Salina

“Buy horses.”

— Jadyn Cliffton, age 8, Salina

“Pay off my debt, share with my family and church, and move to Costa Rica.”

— Tina Waner, Marion

“Get out of debt and buy a new house.”

— Gail Burns, Lincolnville

“Quit my job.”

— Chris Stuchlik, Lincolnville

“I would build a new house and go on vacation.”

— Sherry Kaufman, Lehigh

“Pay off debt. That would be the first thing.”

— Debbie Miller, Hillsboro

“I’d probably give it to my kids and grandkids.”

— Bob Hein, Hillsboro

“I suppose I would go to Alaska.”

— Karen Saner

“I’d probably spend it on my kids and maybe save a little for me.”

— Donna Dalke, Hillsboro

“Keep it. Save it.”

— Eva Noble, age 7, Hillsboro

“Keep and save.”

— Emma, age 3

Last modified Aug. 6, 2009