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Winners announced from livestock show

Area youth placed at the 76th Kansas Junior Livestock Show Sept. 19-22 at Kansas Coliseum, Wichita.

Seven hundred young people from 88 Kansas counties participated, showing 1,310 head of livestock.

The top showmen from Marion County were Ethan Frantz of Hillsboro who had the champion spotted market barrow and Brandon Klassen, also of Hillsboro, who had the reserve champion spotted market barrow.

Others who placed first in their classes were Frantz, crossbred market barrow; Cade Harms, Lincolnville, Angus breeding heifer; SaRae Roberts, natural market lamb; and Maci Schlehuber, Charolais breeding heifer, both of Hillsboro.

Others who placed in the competition were:

Cedar Point: Cody Parmley, 11th, meat goat; 17th, crossbred market barrow; eighth, crossbred market barrow; Corin Parmley, 12th, heavyweight market barrow; 13th, meat goat.

Durham: Lauren Geis, seventh, all other breed (AOB) breeding heifer; and Lisa Geis, fourth, commercial breeding heifer.

Hillsboro: Frantz, fourth in senior swine showmanship; Ty Goossen, third, Angus breeding heifer; Aaron Klassen, 11th, crossbred market barrow; second, Duroc market barrow; Bryce Roberts, third, crossbred market lamb; fourth, Suffolk market lamb; fifth, crossbred market steer; SaRae Roberts, fifth, crossbred market lamb; and Schlehuber, fourth in junior beef showmanship.

Lincolnville: Taylor Harms, second, Angus breeding heifer; Callie Riffel, 13th, meat goat, fifth, crossbred market barrow, ninth, Duroc market barrow; and Kailyn Riffel, 11th, crossbred market barrow, sixth, lightweight market barrow, eighth, meat goat.

Marion: Katey Ehrlich, sixth, Hereford market steer.

Tampa: Alisha Barney, seventh, Hampshire market lamb; Jared Barney, second, commercial ewe; Nathan Barney, 12th, commercial ewe, third, crossbred market lamb; Karl Riffel, 10th, Yorkshire market barrow, 13th, meat goat, third, crossbred market barrow, ninth, meat goat; and Kyle Riffel, 12th, Yorkshire market barrow, 13th, meat goat, sixth, crossbred market barrow, and ninth, meat goat.

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