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Writer focuses on recipes for older readers

Staff writer

Reminiscing about the past is one of Jennifer Hess’s favorite activities. So, it was only natural for her to accept a part in producing the bi-monthly magazine, Good Old Days.

She is in charge of producing material for the three-page “Good Old Days in the Kitchen” section.

“Studies show it’s the most popular part of the magazine,” she said.

As soon as she got the job in July, she started working on her first contributions, to be published in the March-April issue. The focus of her was articles and recipes on Easter.

For each edition, she writes an article about the past that correlates with the time of year. She submits five familiar recipes collected from relatives and friends. Usually, they include a dessert, a meat dish, two salads, and a breakfast item.

“We want to have recipes that the older readers will want to use,” she said.

That means they will be pretty simple with readily available ingredients.

After she submits her material, magazine staff members edit her story and makes all the recipes in their kitchen. The food items then are photographed and placed with the recipes in the magazine.

“It’s a dream job for me because I’ve always loved that magazine,” she said.

She has contributed seven stories in the past four years.

“I love cooking and passing down recipes that I got from my mother and grandmother,” she said. ‘Being in charge of the whole section is really cool.”

Good Old Days has been published since the 1960s. The website is

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