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Wrong incentives

Postage rates are set to increase. With the advent of e-mail and texting, people just aren’t sending as many cards and letters as they used to.

The real stickler in this whole thing is it appears the U.S. Postal Service is rewarding companies that create and send massive mailings that we are quick to discard but are socking it to businesses, like this newspaper, which is sending a requested product.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? But then again when I researched this issue, it was difficult to find out exactly what changes were going to be. So, here we are again — at the mercy of the postal service without any recourse other than paying the higher rate.

And speaking of government entities, when legislators talk about stimulus funds, we wished they would consider stimulating the business community. A nice little dividend for businesses such as a property tax abatement or a break on postage would be well-received and utilized.

Oh, yeah. They did something like that and it didn’t work very well. Maybe this time they should consider grassroots businesses, such as the ones lining our main streets and highways.

We’d be willing to bet those businesses wouldn’t squander it and then ask for more in a few months.

— susan berg

Last modified May 7, 2009