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Zoning fees are compared

Marion County Commission reviewed a cost comparison Monday of zoning and permit fees charged in Marion County and other counties.

County zoning administrator Bobbi Strait also presented information comparing the costs to provide services and the actual costs of the services.

Strait said she wanted to make sure the fees covered expenses. Currently it costs county residents $50 for a conditional use permit but costs the county $200, which includes Strait’s salary.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he didn’t think all of Strait’s expenses should be considered because taxes are paying Strait’s salary to perform these duties.

“So what if it runs over. It’s her job,” Dallke said.

Commissioner Dan Holub said he asked Strait to compile the information more to look at publication and mileage costs.

Strait said mileage should be considered but agreed that employee time should not. Notifying the public of applications costs approximately $20 each, Strait said. Publications in the official county newspaper should be paid by the county.

Marion Planning Commission will review the information and make a recommendation to the commission.

Comparisons included building permits for residential properties are $20 in Marion County, $60 in McPherson County, $100 in Dickinson County, and $150 in Harvey County. Butler County’s fees are based on labor and materials.

Marion, Dickinson, and McPherson counties charge $15 for water tests. Butler County charges $25 and Harvey County $32.

Marion and Dickinson counties do not charge for sewer inspections but McPherson County charges $50, Harvey County $60, and Butler County $200.

Rezone permits cost Marion County residents $75, Dickinson County $100, McPherson County $200, and Harvey and Butler counties $300.

Conditional use permit fees are $50 in Marion County, $200 in McPherson County, $250 in Harvey County, and $400 in Butler County. No information was available for Dickinson County.

Marion County charges $75 for lot split applications, Dickinson charges $50, McPherson County $50 for each split, and $150 in Harvey County.

Variance application fees are $75 in Marion County, $100 in Dickinson County, $150 in McPherson County, $225 in Harvey County, and $300 in Butler County.

In other business:

  • The commission approved a rezoning application at 2331 Pawnee.
  • Dallke requested and received a 10-minute executive session with Strait for personnel. The meeting reconvened with no decisions.

Last modified Sept. 17, 2008