Businesses responsible for snow removal

Retail recruiting work session is Tuesday

Staff reporter

As the wind shifted to the north Tuesday afternoon, the city forefathers were updating a snow removal policy that would put some teeth in the existing ordinance.

The addition to the policy requires owners of business properties to remove snow promptly, within 24 hours, after a snowstorm.

All agreed that early snow removal is in the best interest of the city and property owners because fresh snow is easier to remove and doesn't contribute to additional packing of snow and ice.

Mayor Delores Dalke said this updated policy mainly would affect those buildings with tenants and absentee owners, and empty buildings.

It was noted by the council that the city was not going to police snow removal but wanted to have a policy in place in case businesses did not comply to the ordinance.

Work session

Hillsboro City Council will have a work session at 4 p.m. Tuesday at city hall to discuss retail business recruitment. Buxtan Company, retail recruitment consultants, will be at the meeting to provide information about recruitment.

Dalke said she had attended a workshop presented by the company at the National League of Cities convention at New Orleans, La.

She was impressed by the presentation and is eager to hear their suggestions Tuesday at the work session.