Canvass makes election official

Marion County Commission canvassed the April 1 city general election.

The final numbers were:

Marion City Council, two at-large positions:

Incumbent Bill Holdeman, 227; Steven Smith, 202; Gerald Henderson, 193; and Katherine DeFilippis, 161.

Incumbent Jerry Kline spearheaded a write-in campaign and received 167 votes.

Other write-ins were Rodney Richmond, 2; Donna Bernhardt, 1; Jeff Cady, 1; Roger Schwab, 1; and Gene Winkler, 1.

Hillsboro City Council, ward one:

Incumbent Shelby Dirks, 66.

Write-ins: Jerry Schmidt, 3; Loren Groening, 2; Lyman Adams, 1; Jim Baker, 1; Brent Barkman, 1; Clarence Duerksen, 1; Martin Rhodes, 1; and Marilyn Manson, 1.

Hillsboro City Council, ward two:

Incumbent Byron (Barney) McCarty, 132, and Martin Rhodes, 16.

There were no write-in votes.