City responsible for overrun of road costs

Marion County officials will not sign off on a $13,500 additional charge for asphalt work on Sunflower Road/South Third Street until more information is gathered.

Acting Marion County Public Works Director John Summerville reported Nov. 13 to Marion County Commission that he had received a letter from engineering firm Kirkham-Michael Consultants regarding the additional charges for manhole covers that the City of Marion failed to mark. Summerville said he understood that city personnel had authorized the additional expense but since it was the county's project, the county would have to approve it.

The commission agreed that it would not approve the expense unless it was assured that the City of Marion would pick up the tab.

Contact will be made with city officials regarding the overrun.

In other business:

— A work session is being planned between the commission and road and bridge personnel regarding county roads.

Holub said the county cannot continue as it is with the large number of asphalt roads.

The commission discussed various complaints regarding county roads that included a road near Tampa, needed repairs to Nighthawk, and the new overlay on Sunflower.

Large farming equipment and 18-wheeler trucks hauling grain don't help the condition of the roads, commission chairman Randy Dallke said. It also was determined that over-the-road truck drivers are using county roads.

— Summerville reported that he talked with county resident Joe Nowak regarding the county's share to construct a fence as a result of a windbreak being damaged.

Nowak, who lives in Pilsen, told the commission a few weeks ago that the county damaged a row of cedar trees along his property and wanted a cedar fence to replace the windbreak.

The county believed the land where the trees were located belonged to the county. Nowak believed the property was his. Research determined that there was no clear ownership of the property. The county appraiser's mapping department also had the area marked as part of a county road.

Also the county understood that Nowak was willing to pay for half of the fence construction but was told that Nowak was not going to pay for any portion of it.

The fence quote was obtained for an economy fence, not a cedar fence as previously requested.

Commissioner Dan Holub said he would talk with Nowak about the fence.

— Marion County Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson presented two bids for a new courtesy dock. The commission approved the purchase of six dock sections for $13,349 from Liebe's EZ Dock of Goddard.

Prior to making the decision to approve the purchase, the commission discussed the possibility of offering boat slips for those who visit the lake.

Users would be charged an appropriate fee for the convenience of being able to dock in the county-owned slips.

"I'd like to see the county lake become more self-sufficient," Holub said.

The commission asked Hudson if he planned to purchase more fish before the end of the year. Hudson said he had planned to purchase $2,500 of catfish.

— Hudson was given permission to seek bids for a brush cutter and clearing saw, and a utility vehicle. Currently lake personnel use one of two older pickups. An utility vehicle would be less expensive to operate and more convenience for workers.

— Cardie Oil Company of Tampa presented the low bid of $25,248 for 5,500 gallons of diesel fuel at an average, approximate cost of $3.23 per gallon and 2,500 gallons of unleaded fuel at $2.82 per gallon.

Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro presented a bid of $25,257 for the same amount of fuel.