Council digests cost estimates for streets

Staff reporter

Cost estimates for street improvements from consulting engineer Bob Privatera were revealed July 1 to Hillsboro City Council.

City administrator Larry Paine told the council that the engineer indicated that a preliminary estimate for asphalt on Hickory and West D streets was $227,000.

Paine recommended that the city begin the process to assess those who benefit from the improvements, primarily property owners along the streets, through a special assessment district.

A particular protocol is required including public hearings which takes some time to complete. Paine said if an assessment district isn't done, the city will have to figure it in the budget. With that said, the council unanimously agreed to pursue the financing of the street improvements through a special assessment district.

Other streets that Paine recommended be improved are Santa Fe and Commerce streets at Hillsboro Industrial Park.

Three options for those streets could cost the city $350,000, $445,000, or $600,000 depending on the width of the streets and materials used (asphalt vs. concrete).

"Frankly, we're not going to be able to sell properties out there (at the industrial park) until the roads are improved," Paine said.

Paine also reported that Privatera had completed the necessary survey work for the proposed hospital site. The rezoning process is next on the list. Currently the property is zoned agriculture. Paine said because of the size of the hospital project, a subdivision plat would be necessary.