Council trades property to correct business park plat

Staff reporter

A platting oversight was corrected by Hillsboro City Council May 6 when the governing body approved an exchange of property and memo of understanding.

It was determined during the recording of the new Hillsboro Business Park plat that two lots within the new plat actually were owned by Hillsboro Development Corporation. HDC agreed to quit claim the property to the city in exchange for city-owned property, east of the platted business park. The HDC property that is being deeded to the city is approximately 1.24 acres and the city property being deeded to HDC is approximately 1.84 acres. However, the difference in acreage is about the size of a street right-of-way that could become a continuation of East Orchard Drive.

At a later time, the city would be responsible for the removal of debris on the property and when HDC sells the newly-acquired land, the city and the corporation will share the cost of survey.

In other business:

— City administrator Larry Paine reported PEC engineering firm made a second visit to the former AMPI building and had determined there are significant roof issues. More information will be gathered and presented to the council at a later date.

— The city's wastewater project is progressing faster than anticipated, Paine said. Easement and land issues have been resolved. The project was to be completed by the end of the year but could be completed as soon as September or October.

Paine said another issue also had been resolved regarding the contractor drawing water from the city's water plant. When the water was withdrawn, it upset the water operation. A holding pit was constructed to hold the untreated water.

The city continues to assist the City of Peabody with its water distribution problems.

— The council accepted a deed from Hillsboro Kiwanis Club for an area where a downtown park is to be located.

— Tabor College business students are moving closer to presenting recommendations to the Hillsboro downtown business group for Buxton Company, the city's business recruitment consultants.

— Loren Groening was appointed to Hillsboro Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

— At the conclusion of the meeting, Hillsboro resident Pat Nuss said she was promised a building permit three weeks ago. Paine told her that the council does not issue permits and he would take care of it the next day.

Lee Nuss said costs continue to increase the longer he and wife Pat have to wait to move their house to West Winds housing addition.

The city postponed the issuance of a building permit to the couple because of drainage complaints from adjoining landowners.

The next regular council meeting is at 4 p.m. May 20 at city hall.