County concerned about right of way liability issues

Staff reporter

Obstructions in county rights- of-way continue to concern Marion County Commission.

At Monday's meeting, acting county public works director John Summerville reported that a previous administration had allowed a rancher to construct a gate with a post on the edge of a road in a county right-of-way. Summerville said the post was solid concrete and could cause concern if a vehicle were to hit it. The road, which was not identified, is not heavily traveled, Summerville said, but the obstruction is there.

Commissioner Dan Holub said there have been some questions asked about stone mailbox posts also located in the county right-of-way, and the potential liability to the county.

Summerville was instructed to consult the county attorney regarding the issue and report at the next commission meeting.

Another issue that Summerville addressed was providing road rock to a resident. In the past, the resident had paid for the rock, the county laid the rock, and then maintained the road as needed for a feedlot operation. The feedlot was abandoned and now the owner wants the county to put down rock and maintain the road again.

Summerville said it would take 600 tons of rock to make the road usable. A document was presented by Summerville that showed the county had decided not to maintain the road. He will show the property owner the document.

The next commission meeting is at 9 a.m. Tuesday instead of Monday because the courthouse is closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.