County moves forward with insulating lake hall

Other improvements also planned

In an effort to utilize Marion County Lake Hall year-round, county lake superintendent Steve Hudson informed Marion County Commission that grant funds are being sought to help pay to insulate the building.

At Monday's meeting, Hudson suggested the project be completed between Halloween and Thanksgiving Day which would make the building available through Old Settlers' Day weekend and become more efficient during the holidays.

The commission also decided to discard the interior paneling in the hall when it is removed during the insulation project. Instead drywall will be installed and the walls then painted.

The commission also will consider the development of handicapped fishing areas and bathrooms that meet ADA requirements.

In other business:

— A volunteer work day will be from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at the county lake. Anyone interested in helping should contact Landon Leiker at (620) 382-2169.

— Only five trailer owners have not provided insurance information or responded to the county's request for property insurance. Those owners have until May 1 to respond. Otherwise they will have to remove their trailers from the county-owned park.

— A sign will be erected either on the lake hall building or near the building, informing lake visitors that the hall is available for rent.

— The county has received $18,842 in state funds.

— State officials will take stock of fish at the lake, recording sizes and numbers to determine future needs.

Commissioner Dan Holub asked if the lake could "specialize" in any specific breed of fish. Hudson said the lake is like a "big aquarium" and a balance of water life.

Cedar trees also will be placed at the lake this week by state officials.

— Bench seats have been installed at the heated dock.

Hudson said a recent fishing derby to raise funds for improvements at the heated dock was a success. Twenty contestants participated with 15 volunteers assisting. Another derby is planned for next year.

— More than 1,000 pounds of channel catfish have been released in the lake. The average sizes of the fish are 12 to 14 inches with some being larger, Hudson said.