County not ready to sign off on road project

Concerns loom regarding quality

Staff reporter

Final approval of the new overlay on Sunflower Road/South Third Street, Marion, has not been given by Marion County officials.

John Summerville, acting public works director, told the commission Monday that he was not satisfied with the work, particularly patching and the shoulders, on Sunflower Road. He contacted the county's engineers for the project, Kirkham-Michael Engineering, and told them not to sign off on the project. Summerville was instructed to drive the road and make specific notes about the road.

Shilling Construction of Manhattan was the general contractor. Summerville said he was told that a change in personnel who operated the equipment may have contributed to the complaint.

In other business:

— Someone is interested in purchasing a half acre from the county at the Pilsen shop. Summerville said he would be in favor of selling it because the land is a nuisance for the county to maintain.

The county paid $25,000 for the building and land.

Dallke said he wasn't sure if the county should sell it because that area could provide more accessibility.

The commission will look at the property before making any decisions.

— Summerville asked the commission to consider closing or vacating another dead-end county road.

The half-mile of road on 70th, west of Sunflower Road, has a gate on it per an agreement with previous road and bridge personnel. However, the road still belongs to the county but it is not accessible by the public. The property on either side of the "closed" road is owned by the same person.

County clerk Carol Maggard explained that the difference between "closing" and "vacating" a road. Permanently closing or abandoning the road would give the road property to the adjoining landowner and the county would not have any right to it. By vacating the road, the county doesn't maintain it but reserves the right to use it in the future.

Steps will be made to vacate the road.

— Commissioner Dan Holub requested a five-minute executive session with the other commissioners to discuss personnel. The meeting reconvened with no decisions.

— Maggard requested and received a five-minute executive session to discuss personnel. The meeting reconvened with no decisions.