County to compare recycling options

Staff reporter

County recycling remains toward the top of the Marion County Commission "to do" list.

At Monday's meeting, commissioner Dan Holub asked the commission if it was time to start a recycling program and whether the county should purchase a trailer for hauling and bailer for cardboard or hire an independent company?

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he supported a program but wasn't sure about purchasing a trailer and knows the county needs to start a program sometime.

A new trailer, as reported by transfer station manager Rollin Schmidt, is $11,500; a used one is $6,900 plus shipping.

Commission chairman Bob Hein said he supported the idea of a bailer for cardboard.

Schmidt suggested the commission review proposals from McPherson County and Stutzman Refuse Disposal Inc. and compare with costs of the county collecting, sorting, and transporting.

"The problem is we don't know how much we're going to get," Schmidt said, referring to the amount of recycables that could be collected.

Schmidt was instructed to check with Stutzman regarding services to other cities as currently being provided at Peabody.

Holub suggested the county waive charges for construction and demolition waste when homeowners remove dilapidated structures and replace with new ones. Currently the county charges $40 per ton for C&D waste.

Dallke said he would rather reimburse property owners after the new construction is completed.

Discussion also was heard about whether the waiving of charges should be allowed for cities and schools.

Schmidt also reported that nearly 580 tons of solid waste was transported in February from the county transfer station which resulted in 29 trips. The cost per ton for transportation and dumping was $39.74. In January, the cost was $38 per ton.

In other business:

— Mobile pickups for household hazardous waste are planned at the following cities: Durham, 9 to 11 a.m., April 12; Burns, 9 a.m. to noon, April 26; Peabody, 9 a.m. to noon, May 3; Goessel, 9 a.m. to noon, June 21.

Household hazardous waste director Rollin Schmidt said he was trying to coordinate pickups at Tampa and Ramona.

— The commission approved a tire bid from Rod's Tires of Hillsboro for eight, 285/75/24.5, 14-ply, Firestone 455 tires at $256 each.

Other bids were from Cardie Oil Company for $248, $259, and $317 each but Schmidt wasn't familiar with the brand names.

— Chemical bids for the noxious weed department were approved by the commission.

Ag Service of Hillsboro had the low bidder for 2, 4-D Amine and 2, 4-D Lo Vol for a total of $35,244. Other bids were $40,140 from Markley Service of Marion, and $40,806 each from Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro and Tampa.

Ag Service presented the low bid for Tordon 22k, Remedy, and Banvel for a total price of $14,465. Markley Service presented a bid of $14,560, and the two cooperatives had bids of $15,415 each.

Markley Service was the low bid for Spike, Excort XP, Plateau, Krovar DF, and Methylated Seed Oil for a total of $2,253. Ag Service's bid was $2,428.

— The commission was reluctant to accept a bridge near Florence from Kansas Department of Transportation without knowing for sure how much of the right-of-way would be included. Before making a decision, acting public works director John Summerville was instructed to provide more information.

— No decisions were made regarding the replacement of signs. At one time, the commission expressed a desire to add more information to the road signs, such as the intersection road name. The concern had been expressed that the signs with longer names would require two posts and more maintenance.

— Summerville asked for direction regarding the county's policy in replacing driveways and field entrances. He asked if it was the county's or property owner's responsibility to maintain culverts after the county provides them. It was determined that the property owner was responsible for maintaining.

— Cities will be billed by the county as a means for the county to be reimbursed by FEMA. Summerville said another wrinkle in the process of receiving grant funds from the federal agency was that the county has to bill the individual cities it assisted during the winter storm cleanup.

The commission made it clear it did not want the cities to reimburse the county until the cities received funds from FEMA. Summerville estimated the county could receive as much as $30,000. Cities that received assistance from the county were Lincolnville, Lehigh, and Tampa.