Deeds recorded

Robert N. Risenoover to Mark A. Wheeler, WD; Lots 38 and 39, Lakeside Subdivision, Marion County Park and Lake.

Kris K. Teaford and wife to Brian C. Scully et al, WD; Tract 1: N/2 NE/4, 31-21-3; Tract 2: Pt. NW/4, 31-21-3; Tract 3: Pt. S/2 NE/4, 31-21-3.

Joel S. Smith and wife to Matthew D. Beavers and wife, WD; Lot 8, Blk. 1, Willow Glen Addn., Hillsboro.

Lehigh Senior Citizens Club NKA Lehigh Senior Citizens Center, Inc. to Nichalus P. McLaughlin and wife, WD; Lot 17 and 18, Blk. 9, Original Town, Lehigh.

Walter F. Westney Trust to Patricia Dee Kelley et al, trustee's deed; Lot 41 and pt. Lot 48, Lakeside Subdivision, Marion County Park and Lake.

Lonnie Augustine to Imogene Mitchell, QCD; Lots 25, 27, and 29, Blk. 35, Original Town, Florence.

Mitch Cunningham and wife to Cy White and wife, WD; Lots 11, 12, and W 10' of vacated alley, Blk. 4, North Peabody Addn., Peabody.