Deeds recorded

Robert Yunghans and wife to Kenneth P. Ballard, QCD; a tract in NE/4, 16-21-2.

Doyle L. Wiebe and wife to Kenneth Wiebe et al, trustees, WD; S/2 N/2 E/2 NE/4 and N/2 S/2 E/2 NE/4, 32-17-1.

Kennth Wiebe et al, trustees to Doyle L. Wiebe et al, trustee's deed; pt. NE/4, 32-17-1.

Craig Shanklin and wife to Doyle Creek Land & Cattle Company, Inc., WD; Lots 502 and 504, Main Street, Florence.

Sheriff of Marion county to Green Tree Servicing, LLC, successor servicer to Greenpoint Credit, LLC, sheriff's deed; Lots 18, 20, 22, and 24, Blk. 23, Original Town, Florence.

Rusty Wangerin et al to Jani Taylor Peterson, WD; NE/4, 3-18-5.

Tana S. Clegg to Kevin L. Clegg, QCD; Lots 13 and 14, Blk. 7, Original Town, Lehigh.