Drinks will be served at downtown restaurant

Staff reporter

And just like that, after weeks of discussions and outcries from the public, it was done. A restaurant will serve liquor by the drink in Hillsboro.

La Cabana Mexican restaurant at 117-119 S. Main, Hillsboro, was issued the state liquor license Oct. 18. Hillsboro city ordinance requires Hillsboro City Council to issue a local liquor license when a state liquor license has been issued.

Councilman Shelby Dirks made the comment that everything must have "checked out OK" for the state to issue the license.

Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning was in attendance at the meeting to take care of department business. Mayor Delores Dalke asked Kinning if he knew of any reason why a license should not be issued to the restaurant. Kinning responded he was not aware of any reason.

Councilman Bob Watson said city zoning allows for restaurants to serve liquor by the drink. Dirks agreed there was no legal reason to deny the permit.

County voters passed liquor by the drink in the entire county, so until local zoning is in place, restaurants could sell liquor by the drink within the city.

The motion passed 3-1, with councilman Shane Marler abstaining.

Marler stepped away from the council table and discussion because the application for the license was made in his name as an owner of the restaurant.